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Youth's role in climate change solutions

January 26, 2016
By: Anni Holtby
Source: RRU News

School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Dr. Robin Cox was interviewed Jan. 26 by Anni Holtby on Kootenay Co-op Radio about youth, resilience and climate change and the work of the Resilience By Design research lab.

Here is an excerpt:

“We’re facing a lot of change and uncertainty both in terms of the climate and the environment with climate change, economically, employment and I think all these things intersect...we have to find a way to manage, adapt to, and hopefully creatively respond to in ways that result in a better world, better communities, well-being, etc.,” says Cox.

She adds, “Young people need to be included in meaningful ways – their voices need to be heard in part because that’s what’s right – they are also citizens and as citizens they are also inheriting and will be leading us through these massive challenges.”

Listen to the full interview starting at 3:20 in the podcast.