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Turmoil in Turkey prior to election

October 15, 2015
By: Terry Moore
Source: RRU News

School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Kenneth Christie was interviewed by CFAX Radio’s Terry Moore Oct. 15 about recent suicide bombings in Turkey that are thought to have links to the Islamic State.

Here is an excerpt:

“Turkey is one a country that sits on the edge of a very volatile region next to Iraq, next to Syria,” says Christie. “It has a very volatile border because a lot of Kurdistan is located around that border and there’s been a 30-year insurgency going on within Turkey by the Kurds who want to establish some form of Kurdish state. The Kurds have been seen as discriminated against by the Turkish state – they’ve lacked access to education.”

Christie adds, “This was a peaceful rally by one of the Kurdish parties to try and emphasize a movement for peace, so it’s a soft target – near a train station, trying to kill as many people as possible – and there’s an election coming up in three weeks in Turkey.”

Listen to the full interview starting at 36:10 in the podcast.