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Trudeau needs more CRA fixes to repair damage to charities

January 26, 2016
By: Gareth Kirkby
Source: RRU News

Royal Roads alumnus and School of Communication and Culture associate faculty member Gareth Kirkby researched the impacts of the Harper government’s CRA audits and threats of audits on Canadian Charities for his master’s thesis.

He found the audits distracted charities from working on their missions and caused them to avoid speaking publicly about the vital issues on which they have specialized expertise.

In his Jan. 26 Huffington Post Canada blog, Kirkby calls on the Liberal government “to build a workable charity system and restore credibility to Canada's tax agency.”

Here is an excerpt:

The Trudeau government seemingly called off the taxman from harassing Canada's charities on January 20. Well, not really, in fact.

The new government's actions amount to minor tweaking to the CRA harassment of certain charities, as orchestrated by the Harper government in 2012. The resulting audits have caused havoc in the sector and deprived our democracy of the full participation of charity experts in the major issues of our time. The Trudeau government's timidity so far in fixing this abuse of power by the previous government will probably result in some of Canada's most popular and important charities heading toward decertification and oblivion.

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