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Tools for success

January 1, 2016
By: Brigitte Peterson
Source: RRU News

Master of Business Administration students Carolyn de Voest and Melony Burton and School of Business Director Lois Fearon were interviewed about the Royal Roads MBA program in the January edition of Business in Vancouver.

De Voest explains balancing school with work and family life can be challenging, but the professional and personal benefits are worth it.

“The No. 1 challenge is time,” says de Voest. “There’s something really rewarding about challenging yourself at this level.”

Burton says the MBA is equipping her with tools and knowledge to serve in a larger capacity.

“As an executive MBA program, the students in this program are mature adults who bring a considerable amount of working experience,” says Burton.

Fearon explains on-campus residencies allow learners to connect and build strong relationships with each other, their professors and program staff.

“This can be particularly important for women who, even more so than men, tend to be relationship builders with strong collaboration skills,” says Fearon. “We tend to attract many students through word of mouth. We have a lot of great role models in terms of women in leadership positions who are RRU MBA alumni, and their visibility’ and support really helps to draw more women.”

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