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Royal Roads University offers course on being film extra

February 10, 2016
By: Gloria Macarenko
Source: RRU News

A Royal Roads Continuing Studies course for aspiring movie extras hit the CBC radio spotlight Feb. 10 with casting director and course facilitator Annie Klein interviewed by On The Coast guest host Gloria Macarenko.

Here is an excerpt from the interview posted to CBC Radio’s Canada News page:

Klein says extras can make good money if they're in the Union of B.C. Performers — around $22 an hour — but non-union extras are looking at minimum wage.

Other tips? Don't look at the camera. Don't talk to the speaking actors and remember, it can get complicated.

And if you're looking for your big break, it can happen.

"I've seen it happen on several occasions, where a scene just doesn't play unless an extra is given a line," Klein said. "And so suddenly, that person making minimum wage goes up to being an actor."

Read the entire article and listen to the interview.