Current Students Info

Program Community Groups

All program areas maintain a Program Community Group website specifically for their students to keep you updated on important information, scheduling and notices.  You will be added as a member of the appropriate program community groups prior to your program start.

When you are logged in to the MyRRU for Students site, the groups you are a member of will appear in a 'white block' under the left navigation.  If you do not see this, white block, then you are not a member of any groups. If you see the block but not your program community group, contact your program office to become a member.

You also have the opportunity to join or create your own student centric, social groups that can be viewed in the 'Groups' (follow the link in the blue block on the right navigation).

Please note, the Program Community Groups will not show up in the Student Groups list as they are hidden and only accessible via membership.