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New Name: School of Humanitarian Studies

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 11:35am
Susan Down

Managing recovery after a flood or other disaster.  Addressing issues of food security in fragile states. Resolving conflict between groups. These are some of the skills in the emerging field of Humanitarian Studies, which draws from a wide range of disciplines including international relations, international law, development studies, conflict studies, public health and disaster studies.

Royal Roads University has changed the name of its leading School of Peace and Conflict Management to the School of Humanitarian Studies. This reflects a growing field of study within the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences.

“Humanitarian Studies captures the trans-disciplinary scope of our student and faculty work,” said Matthew Heinz, dean of the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences. Royal Roads is at the forefront of advancing professional education in the fields of justice studies, conflict management, human security and peace-building, and disaster management programming, which all align under the umbrella of Humanitarian Studies.

“The work done by our faculty and alumni contributes to making a difference in the world by addressing some of the complex problems we face as a society,” said Jean Slick, associate professor and director of the School of Humanitarian Studies.  “The breadth of this work includes diverse projects in both domestic and international contexts, such as educational opportunities for women in Afghanistan, the public’s reaction to truth commissions in Uganda, the experience of children and youth in disaster contexts in Canada and the US, competencies for peace professionals in Canada, and homelessness in Canada’s north.” 

RRU programs offered within the school are: 

Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies
Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management
Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management
Master of Arts in Human Security and Peacebuilding 
Graduate Diploma in Conflict Analysis Management
Graduate Diploma in Disaster and Emergency Management
Graduate Diploma in Human Security and Peacebuilding