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New Prime Minister’s foreign policy challenges

October 21, 2015
By: Terry Moore
Source: RRU News

School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Kenneth Christie was interviewed by CFAX Radio’s Terry Moore Oct. 21 about Prime Minister-designate Trudeau’s foreign policy challenges including the fight against ISIS.

Here is an excerpt:

“One of the problems with Trudeau’s campaign, and although he talked a little bit about foreign policy, he wasn’t very specific on any of the issues,” says Christie. “He was a bit vague on many of the issues and I think the problem is some lack of experience there.”

Christie adds, “He has to get up to speed on foreign affairs and he has to get a team around him very quickly. He has to form a government basically, and I think that’s going to be crucial in seeing who he picks and who has got experience to support him with this because he really needs to get an agenda going with foreign policy.”

Listen to the full interview starting at 37:08 in the podcast.