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Technical Advisor

Ongoing Position: 
Full or Part Time: 
Full Time
Location:  Cambridge Bay, NU, Canada


The following is a summary only.  Please refer to full Job Description found here: for more information.

Reporting to the Director Technical Services, the Technical Advisor undertakes environmental assessments of proposed major projects throughout the Nunavut Settlement Area and establishes monitoring programs as a result of a Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) project certificate issued pursuant to a review of a project proposal.

 Job duties include:

 1. Coordinates and conducts the environmental assessment and screening of major projects:

  • Provides assistance to project proponents to ensure that all studies and consultation programs undertaken are conducted in a sound manner consistent with accepted methods and techniques
  • Develops terms and conditions for Project Certificates and Screening Decision Reports
  • Solicits and utilizes traditional knowledge in environmental assessment
  • Evaluates the status of terms and conditions issued in Project Certificates and/or Screening Decision Reports
  • Reviews initial screening reports and comments received from agencies, DIOs, community organizations and other stakeholders
  • Prepares and assists in the drafting of NIRB environmental assessment project decision reports
  • Identifies and recommends outside technical expertise

2. Coordinates and conducts the review and monitoring, of major projects:

  • Develops Monitoring Programs for NIRB issued project certificates and screening decision reports
  • Provides reports and briefings to the Board on the adequacy of Monitoring Programs and on the eco-systemic and socio-economic impacts of projects
  • Coordinates technical, logistical and administrative support for assessment of monitoring requirements
  • Coordinates the review of applications, supporting documents, technical reports and monitoring results
  • Coordinates and cooperates with all government agencies and departments responsible for monitoring and to avoid duplication with respect to monitoring requirements.
  • Establishes a tracking system to evaluate status/compliance with regulatory instruments.

3. Liaison:

  • Organizes and facilitates meetings with regulatory agencies and stakeholders
  • Coordinates with federal, territorial and local governments and citizens of Nunavut
  • Liaises and communicates with affected communities and interested parties on major projects approved by the Board
  • Reviews related materials and prepare presentations
  • Participates in meetings, technical or otherwise, and hearings in relation to regulatory instruments to be issued under a project certificate
  • Provides input and feedback to regulatory agencies in their review process on parameters to be monitored and monitoring program specifics.

4. Provides scientific and technical advice and assistance to the Board and staff:

  • Researches and provides advice to the Board on technical matters related to monitoring of major project development projects
  • Mentors and guides Assistant Technical Advisors and support staff
  • Plans and delivers training to Board Members and staff
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, conferences, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in professional societies.

5. Any other duties required.

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