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Leadership & Business Skills Instructor (5 positions)

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Part Time
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Saturday, March 31, 2012
Position start date: Immediate

Closing Date: March 31, 2012

Position Type: Contract
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Company Description:
ctc TrainCanada® is a privately owned Canadian company. We have grown from a single training center with one location, into a National Training Service provider. When we opened in 1989 there was a lot of competition in the corporate training market. After 20 years in the industry we have survived many competitors. We now have 11 training centers in Canada, and work with global Training Partners. We achieved this growth by listening to clients and understanding their challenges and by coming up with solutions that have enabled us to expand the range of core services.

Our focus after 20 years has not changed. We provide integrity, value, commitment and understanding, backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Delivering professional training with ease, punctuality and reliability are cornerstones of our organization.

Over the years we have kept ahead of the pack and succeeded by paying attention and adapting to changing client needs. We continually consult with our clients and keep ourselves open to change in order to provide outstanding after service support and quality assurance. Our growth can only be attributed to our business background, ethics, reliability and the trust of our valued customers. Companies seeking hands-on training and improved on-the-job productivity have come to rely on our professional expertise and services.

Position Description:

Individuals interested in teaching adults must have superior communication and interpersonal skills. An educator should be able to think critically and creatively and show competency in those subject areas being taught, as well as, the ability to foster a creative learning environment. Instructors are expected to stay abreast of current teaching standards, techniques, and modern technologies which are used in the classroom. These are including but not limited to: computer software, ceiling-mounted or desk-top projectors, and general clerical equipment. Instructors must prepare and deliver lectures to students on topics such as business writing, time management, presentation skills, management skills, communication skills, and coaching and leadership, while dispensing the required information to students in a systematic and sequential format. Instructors are responsible for classroom management and will train their students to solve problems, plan futures, strategize and transform possibilities into reality by acting as coaches and mentors. Instructors are to ensure students are able to integrate new ideas with previous knowledge to provide the real-life application of the new material and concepts. It is important for instructors to clarify and articulate all course and classroom expectations to students prior to getting into the course content.


Position Duties:

  • identifying the needs of students and adapting teaching methods accordingly
  • preparing lesson plans appropriate to the size and type of learner group
  • developing and preparing appropriate learning materials
  • teaching students through lectures, lessons, workshops and exercises to suit the size and learning needs of the group
  • evaluating the outcomes of individuals' learning through formal assessment or informal methods and ensuring constructive feedback is given
  • helping individual students with any difficulties they encounter with their studies
  • determining what further learning students might progress to after their current studies
  • helping students become more confident and self-aware
  • liaising with administrative staff about room bookings and ordering equipment
  • keeping up to date with relevant subject area(s) through further training and/or appropriate reading and private study
  • demonstrating to students how to access online course material

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum one year teaching experience
  • University degree
  • High level of energy and self-motivation

ctc TrainCanada® - Also hiring in: Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto and Halifax.