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Writing tip: Try this great tool for checking sentence-level grammar

If you'd like feedback on your grammar, I hope you'll try this fantastic tool that gives automated feedback on sentence-level grammar: "The Writer's Diet Test". The tool will evaluate 100-1000 words at a time and will tell you whether your text is:

  • "Lean: fat free prose"
  • "Fit & trim: in excellent condition"
  • "Needs toning: would benefit from a light workout"
  • "Flabby: judicious editing required"
  •  "Heart attack territory: may call for editorial liposuction!" (H. Sword, The Writer's Diet Test)

The tool then also identifies the problem areas so that you will know what needs to be fixed. Click here to see a screenshot of the kind of feedback provided by the tool.

If you have questions about how to improve your grammar, there are many grammar-related resources on the Writing Centre website, and you're always welcome to contact me (Theresa Bell) with questions at