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Writing tip: Rang or rung?

Have you ever questioned the difference between "rang" and "rung"? See below for more information (and a little bit of embellishment):

  • Ring = present tense: I ring the bell at lunchtime.
  • Rang = past tense: They rang the stock market bell yesterday. 
  • Rung = past participle form of the verb; always used with "has" or "have"
    • Present perfect: I have rung the bell and it is music to my ears.
    • Past perfect: She had rung the bell and there was no turning back: the zombie hoard was on its way.
    • Future perfect: By 10:00 tomorrow, I will have rung the bell unless it is broken from all the excessive ringing.
    • Conditional perfect: I would have rung the bell by now if the zombies hadn’t destroyed it.

To answer the original question, "rang" is the past tense of "ring", and "rung" is used as the past participle form of the verb. 

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