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Volunteers Wanted for Animated Video Project

Do you enjoy playing with technology? Have you tried or thought about trying to create your own videos? Fiona Prince, associate faculty, School of Communications and Culture is seeking 10-15 volunteers to participate in a Teaching in Technology project. Students and faculty are welcome to participate. The goal of this project is to create videos that will help online learners connect with abstract concepts; and, to explore using animated videos as an alternative to traditional essay assignments. Videos, role-play, cartoon dialogues, and other visual methods are often used in various educational situations todemonstrate concepts, uncover misconceptions, practice skills and offer new perspectives. Live face-to-face role-playing and videos with actors work well, but animations offer a different set ofopportunities that enable students to feel freer to experiment and explore further from their current realities. Animations let students step away from their ‘real-life’ personas and test conversations and behaviours that they may not normally be comfortable exploring as embodied individuals. As a volunteer, you will work with Fiona (in-person or online) to write original scripts with scenarios that demonstrate how miscommunication occurs; and, how Interpersonal Communications (IPC) theories, concepts and models can be used to manage these miscommunications.  Then, using an online tool called GoAnimate, you'll get creative and bring your scripts to life.  To find out more about this project and how you can volunteer, contact Fiona Prince at