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Update on Traffic Pattern Changes

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Road work activities are progressing as planned. Removal of the asphalt along the closed sections of College Drive and Library Road to parking lot P6 is complete. The section of College Drive between Millward and the hairpin at Serpentine will remain closed while work to deconstruct the retaining wall moves forward. Crews have begun to remove the creosote pilings which will be moved to the temporary storage area adjacent to parking lot P4. There will be increased traffic to and from P4/along the track as large trucks transport and deposit loads of soil. It is expected that parking in P4 will remain open throughout the project. Everyone who uses this parking area is encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and increased traffic.

West Campus Road will also see an increase in traffic as dump trucks will transport gravel to work sites at Library Road and College Drive.

Safety First! 

Please use extreme caution when travelling along Neptune Way in front of the Nixon and Grant Buildings. Temporary speed bumps have been installed as a measure to slow traffic as this area is typically used by people on foot, bicycles and in golf carts.

Flag people are on site directing traffic. We remind everyone travelling through any of the construction zones on campus, that the recommended speed limit is 15 km/h.

Road construction teams will work from 7:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday. Please consider adding a few extra minutes to your morning routine as you may encounter delays on usual routes and parking areas.