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Update Regarding the Service Outage on Sept. 5, 2012

 As you know, we experienced a service outage on Wednesday, September 5th.  If you teach and/or learn using Moodle 2, you will be particularly interested in some of these details.  All of this information can also be found on our Computer Services Site. Please have a look so you know who to contact and how to stay informed in the future.

Who uses Moodle 2?  If your program began AFTER June 1, 2012, you use Moodle 2.

 If your program started BEFORE May 31, 2012, then you are using Moodle 1 and the rest of this email may be of interest but has less impact on you directly.


Tues, 5:00pm:

Last good Moodle 2 back up complete (ie. Normal, on schedule, nothing odd happening)


Weds, 2:43am: 

There was a problem with the controller for the central storage system which caused Moodle, email and some other websites to go down


Weds, noon: 

Controller repaired.  Systems up.  It was identified that some Moodle 2 data had been corrupted as a result of the crash.  (You might have noticed that some assignments and forum posts were missing).   Data restores begin.


Weds, 9:30pm:

Moodle 2 data has been restored from the last known good (5pm Tues).  Moodle 2 was accessible between noon and 9:30pm on Wednesday & students were working normally.  The system may have been a bit slow at times because of the repairs we were doing but all new work was saved correctly and so on.


 If you completed any Moodle 2 work between 5:00pm Tuesday and 2:43am Wednesday, your work would not have been captured in the last known good backup and therefore not restored during that stage of our repairs.  Therefore, that work will have been lost.  If I could find a gentler way to say that, I would do so. 

 If you submitted an assignment, posted to forums, posted grades, edited a Wiki…  anything you might have done in the course of working online – even editing a profile – these things will have been lost.  If you haven’t already, you will need to resubmit that work.

 There is a very interesting explanation of the situation and the steps taken to correct the problem here if you would like more detail.  (Interestingly enough, Moodle 2 was a victim of a larger problem and had it not been affected so, would have carried on happily doing what it does…).

 4 rows in a table hardly represent the level of frustration and inconvenience felt by our learning community when this type of thing occurs.  We do apologize and want you to know that we absolutely do understand the negative impact ANY service outage has all on all of our students, faculty and staff and we apologize for it.  We thank you for your patience and support.

 Some of the frustration you felt was a result of not really knowing what was going on and you asked how you can stay informed in future.  You can check any one of these places, where we will provide updates:


Again, thank you very much for your patience and support.

 Cecelia David for IT-Services