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Two weeks until Bike to Work Week

There are two weeks left until Bike To Work Week. If you want to ride, join the ‘RRU Roadies’ so we can track our combined distance and ride even more combined kilometers this year! To join, simply email Do you need help to prepare, or are there reasons you think you might not be able to participate? 

  • This handy guide has lots of practical tips for what to wear, what to carry and what consider when making sure your bike is in good enough shape.
  • Don’t have a bike? You can rent one at Coastal Cycles, 1610 Island Highway. RRU staff can rent for $80 a week as a great way to get back in touch with cycling.
  • Concerned that feeling great, reducing road traffic, and contributing to a more sustainable community are not enough reasons to ride? How about the chance to win a new bike?! New participants will be entered in a draw for an $800 bike!
  • Concerned that your bike needs a tune up? RRU staff are eligible for a 10% discount at Coastal Cycles, 1610 Island Highway.
  • Apprehensive about riding on the road?  Arrange to ride with someone else from RRU and/or take a bike skills class.
  • Worried about your bike breaking down on your commute? BCAA is offering free service to cyclists during Bike to Work Week, whether you are a BCAA member or not! See the following PDF for details.
  • Afraid of feeling grimy all day after your ride in? There are showers available in the LIC, Nixon building (the gym showers maybe under construction with new showers – call ext2700 rec centre closer to the date.)
  • Concerned you are not up to biking both to and from work? You could drive part way and bike the rest. Or you could take the bus one way. Most Victoria busses have bike racks that are very easy to use;check out this slow motion demonstration!Concerned that you can’t participate in BTWW because you need the car to drop off and/or pick up your kids? See the tip above.