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Tasha Diamant's Human Body Project returns to the Victoria Fringe

The Human Body Project returns to the 2012 Victoria Fringe Festival Aug. 23 to Sept. 2. The performance is written and preformed by Tasha Diamant, instructor in RRU's School of Communication and Culture and International Study Centre, is an artist-activist and Western dissident. "This is the most relevant and powerful work at the Fringe."             Monday Mag 2011

Tasha Diamant's Human Body Project... is a form of non-violent protest is a cultural antidote is a teaching is a healing is art

In The Human Body Project, Diamant shows up naked and unscripted. She purposefully shares an intense experience of vulnerability as an urgently needed cultural antidote. Audience members often join her. The experience is authentic, transformative and healing. Each show is unique.

Diamant believes that cooperation not domination is the key to human survival, that letting go of ego is the key to cooperation, and that choosing vulnerability is the key to letting go of ego. Her work is about walking the talk and embodying the paradigm that needs to be adopted.

Along with Human Body Project presentations, Diamant has taken her work into the streets. Each month since January 2012, Diamant has committed to holding a Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil in a public outdoor space. People are welcome to join her (dressed or not).

Diamant speaks of being challenged by what is required of her but feels compelled to continue for her children.

Tasha Diamant is also a longtime visual artist. Recently, she won the 2012 Canadian Association for the Study of Women in Education Graduate Award for her arts-informed Master's research focused on the Human Body Project.

The Human Body Project at the Victoria Fringe Created and performed by Tasha Diamant Aug 23-Sept 2, 2012 Venue 4, Wood Hall 907 Pandora

Thursday, August 23 6-7:30pm Saturday, August 25 9:30-11pm Sunday, August 26 6-7:30pm Wednesday, August 29 7:45-9:15pm Saturday, September 1 Noon-1:30pm Sunday, September 2 4-5:30pm

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