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Sustainable planning along B.C.’s earthquake-prone coast

audrey dallimore

Please join Audrey Dallimore (School Environment and Sustainability) for her Roads to Research presentation Marine science for sustainable planning along B.C.’s earthquake-prone coast Jan. 16. 

Professor Audrey Dallimore will review recent collaborative work to determine the frequency and strength of past earthquake, tsunamis and slope failures along the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Marine “geohazards” are sudden and extreme geologic events that affect coastal areas and seabed infrastructure on local, regional and transoceanic scales. The hazards include submarine earthquakes, submarine slope failures, and tsunami generation. The coastal marine sediment record of past offshore and coastal hazardous events, extends our 100-year-long “instrument record” back many millennia, capturing the full range of these geohazards along our coast.  These sediments can be investigated in great detail with geological and geophysical tools. This science is in turn required by planners and policymakers who are looking towards a sustainable future in tectonically active BC. 

When: Jan. 16, noon to 1 p.m.

Where: Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC), Room 407View the event listing and add it to your Outlook calendar here.Coffee provided. Please bring your lunch.Read more about Dallimore's work here.