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Student Terri Rutty promoted to director of sustainability of YMCA of Greater Toronto

From a green team volunteer to director of environmental sustainability, Terri Rutty has built a department and a career at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. “It’s more of a lifestyle for me now, it’s not a job,” says the MA in Environment and Management (MEM) student. “It’s what I’m passionate about. It’s what I enjoy, so it’s not really work to me.” After working as a flight attendant for nearly a decade, Rutty, who holds a bachelor of science in marine biology, decided it was time to follow her passion and pursue work in the field of ecology. She worked in Vancouver for two years as marine mammal interpretation specialist at the Vancouver Aquarium and as a whale watching naturalist. At the aquarium, she also volunteered as chair of the environmental committee. When she moved back to her home of Toronto, she landed a contract as the regional co-ordinator for the youth eco internship at the YMCA, joined the organization’s green team and ending up chairing it. “That’s when I realized this is what I like to do. This is what I’m passionate about,” she recalls. “I enjoyed my job at the aquarium, but I wanted to have greater impact.”

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