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Student Sangita Iyer explores connection between Sandy and climate change coverage in HuffPo

MA in Environmental Education and Communication student Sangita Iyer recently published a piece in the Huffington Post that explores the connection between Hurricane Sandy and climate change coverage in the media.

She writes:

"For a long time North Americans were oblivious to a problem taking place in geographically isolated places, because the images portrayed on the television media were those of the melting glaciers in Greenland and droughts in Africa. The television media thus neglected to bring the global climate change message closer to home, and in the process seem to have disengaged people emotionally from the issue."But now climate change is knocking on our doorsteps. In the wake of hurricane Sandy, will the television media step up to the plate and provide effective coverage of climate change? Actually this is a perfect opportunity to reignite the topic of climate change and connect the dots, rather than squander away from an issue that could have devastating ramifications on our future generations and human civilization at large."