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Student safety and unlikely but awful events....

The shocking tragedy in the US last Friday is a horrible reminder that we all need to be vigilant about keeping our students (and ourselves) safe. It's highly unlikely that we'll ever need to use the following, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Remember to familiarize yourself with emergency exits and evacuation routes, and...

If you think you are in danger

  • Call 911
  • Then call Campus Security -- Extension 2525 or 250-391-2525

If you are in a room and are told to "lock down"...

  • Close and lock or barricade the door.
  • Shut off the lights.
  • Close the blinds if you can, then stay away from windows.
  • Cover door/internal windows if you can.
  • Silence cell phones/audio equipment.
  • Keep quiet.
  • Do not leave until directed by Police or Campus Security

Student Services will be hosting some student safety discussions in the new year - if you have comments or questions to share before then, please contact Kyla McLeod, Director of Student Services.