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Student Marcilyn Cianfarani's research featured in Xtra!

Marcilyn Cianfarani, a MA in Disaster and Emergency Management student was recently featured in Xtra!

From the story:

Marcilyn Cianfarani is a paramedic currently polishing off her MA in Disaster and Emergency Management at Royal Roads University. Her focus is on how queers are treated by emergency services during and after major disasters. Marcilyn has a lot of really compelling reasons for doing her work — to promote awareness to the mainstream emergency services and general public, to name just one — but the bottom line is that she just doesn’t want to see things that happened to queers during the G20 ever happen again. “There is a huge gap between the practitioner community [first responders and emergency services management personnel] and the academic community in disaster and emergency management,” she says. “The academic community continually pumps out this amazing research material; however, it doesn't get translated to the practitioner community — the people who need to be reading the research in order to make positive social change.” Marcilyn says there are challenges in emergency services, especially concerning leadership. “Because I am an operational paramedic and not in an emergency services management position, I, sadly, don't have the capacity to make change internally. I can, however, use my research to create workshops and training manuals that practitioners can use to support the health and well-being of LGBTQ people in the future of disaster and emergency management. Working alongside The 519, I am hopeful we can implement disaster exercises and train with the broader emergency management community within the city. Creating awareness about the specific needs and capacities of LGBTQI2S people in disaster and emergency management is an important step toward supporting disaster resilience.”