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Solar Colwood reaches beyond its borders

Have you ever thought about installing solar hot water in your home? The City of Colwood will be moving forward with extending Solar Colwood for an additional year (until March 2015), and expanding beyond Colwood's borders to homes and businesses throughout the Capital Region. Pending federal government approval, the solar hot water incentives will be available throughout the Capital Region in mid-September.  Read more.

If you live in Colwood, contact your choice of Registered Solar Installers now before they get busy in the rest of the Capital Region. 

If you live elsewhere in the Capital Region and would like to access solar incentives, email to receive notice when the incentive details are available, and contact your choice of Registered Solar Installers for quotes so that you are ready to benefit from the incentives when they become available.

How does Solar Colwood affect RRU and our surrounding community?

The probable extension and expansion of the Solar Colwood program will allow RRU to continue to provide leadership in helping make the program a success, especially through research and community relations. As a result of their partnership, both RRU and the City of Colwood actively participate in creating a ‘green’ learning laboratory in our vibrant community.