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Sneq'wa e'lun - the Blue Heron House


We are happy to announce, the Indigenous Community Welcome Feast on Sept. 23rd was a huge success! Over 200 community members attended this event; they were able to feast on traditional foods, enjoy a canoe ride, listen to drumming and singing, hear great words of wisdom from local Chiefs, Minister Virk, Ministry of Advance Education, and our President, Allan Cahoon. Every guest also had an opportunity to vote for a new name for our building. Among the picks, include the hummingbird, the eagle, and the blue heron. The community came the unanimous vote to, Sneq'wa e'lun, the Blue Heron House! The symbolism and meaning came from assistance of local elders and definitions found on the web.:, "The Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve. The long thin legs of the heron reflect that an individual doesn't need great massive pillars to remain stable, but must be able to stand on one's own. Blue Herons have the innate wisdom of being able to maneuver through life and co-create their own circumstances. Blue Herons reflect a need for those to follow their own unique wisdom and path of self-determination. These individuals know what is best for themselves and need to follow their hearts rather than the promptings of others. The Blue Heron symbolizes patience, grace, balance, elegance, and determination."We want to give a huge acknowledgment to the Royal Road University families and it's members for all the work they've done to help make this past event a huge success!! We couldn't have done without your love and support!! Hych'ka Siem!!!