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Smoking and fire prevention at RRU


With the beautiful weather outside, many of our staff and students are propping open the windows around campus to enjoy the fresh air. With this in mind it is important to remember that if you are a smoker at RRU, our smoking policy states that "smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of building doors, windows or ventilations system intakes." We also ask that you put all cigarette butts in the appropriate receptacles so that we can reduce the amount of litter around campus and make the campus an enjoyable place for everyone who works and studies here.

Another area of concern around smoking during the summer months has to do with fire prevention. The Capital Region gets very dry over the course of the summer and as a result their is an increased risk of forest fires. As Royal Roads has an extensive old growth forest system throughout the campus, we would like to remind anyone who is using our trail system that if you choose to smoke, please ensure that you properly extinguish your butt and do not throw your butts into the woods as even a small spark can ignite the very dry grasses and twigs.

Following these simple guidelines for smoking on campus will not only make the campus a safer place, but will ensure that our forests are safe for generations to come.

Always remember what our friend Smokey the Bear says “Only you can prevent forest fires”Thank you, 

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