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"Sharing the Story” on Life-Safety Projects



The life safety road work project is ahead of schedule which means the contractor is able to start the next stage of work to upgrade University Drive between College Drive (the “four corners”) to the Boathouse.  This means effective Wednesday January 23rdthe access to Parking lot P3, the Boathouse and the Aboriginal Learning and Cultural Centre (ALCC) will be from West Campus Road via University Drive (using a temporary 2 way access).

What this means to you:

  • University Drive will be temporarily closed at College Drive (“four corners”), with no access from this intersection to P3, the Boathouse, and the ALCC effective Wednesday January 23rd.  It is expected that this closure will continue until mid-February
  •  Right turn only at College Drive for access to the Castle , Millward, Nixon, Grant, to continue up to Neptune Way back to University Drive and the exit
  •  On a temporary basis, West Campus Road becomes the primary access to the west side of campus, P3, the Boathouse, and the ALCC

Please take your time on campus roads, particularly those with temporary two-way traffic patterns.  It is important to obey signage and watch for construction personnel directing traffic, or equipment that may be at work.  Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated as we upgrade and improve our roads and pathways for the RRU community and visitors.

** Please consider adding a few extra minutes to your schedule if you need to access P3, the Boathouse and the campus core.   **