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RRU welcomes MA-ELM school leaders from Beijing for a six-month residency

On June 25, RRU rolls out the welcome mat for the arrival of the second cohort of the MA in Educational Leadership and Management. The school leaders from five school districts in Beijing will be commencing a six-month residency on our campus as part of the second-half of their studies.

The first-half of their program consisted of two intensive six-week residencies and an ESL program that ran from last November to April of this year in Beijing. The students are excited about studying in Canada and are looking forward to visiting local schools and d discovering the many fabulous aspects of our greater Victoria community. A unique feature of this program is the homestay experience. All 25 students will be hosted by families in the Western Communities thanks to the participation of Canadian Homestay International (CHI), the largest homestay placement organization in Canada.

Please make sure you say “Ni Hao” to the students when you see them out and about on campus.