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RRU Shine a Light campaign ends this weekend

There are two more days left in the RRU Let's Shine a Light fundraising campaign. Members of the university community launched the campaign in support of girls living in refugee camps, in honour of Ramadan. Learn more about the campaign through Let's Shine a Light.

The campaign officially ends Aug. 11. Education is a powerful tool and without it few of us would reach our full potential. In refugee camps very few girls have the opportunity to pursue their education beyond primary school and without education these young people have no way out.

Let’s Shine a Light on what girls can achieve if they overcome the challenges they face in accessing education in the refugee camps. With your help we can provide these girls with the tools they need to learn, to strive, and to succeed.

The months of July and August this year happens to be a time when 1.5 billion Muslims around the world observe Ramadan as a time of sharing and giving.  In the spirit of Ramadan, please make a donation in support of WUSC's Shine A Light campaign which provides remedial training and low-cost, sustainable light sources to enable girls to study at night after they've completed their chores. Or, consider making a gift in honour of a friend or family member, and we will send them a beautiful card stating the contribution you have made on their behalf.About RamadanMuslims fast from sunrise to sunset for 29 to 30 days in Ramadan (depending on the moon) and spend most of their time in prayer. It is meant as a way to cleanse their bodies and revitalize their souls by teaching self-control. Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam and is mandatory on every adult Muslim. Ramadan is a month of cleansing the soul. Its conclusions marks a 3 day celebration in the Muslim word known as Eid-ul-Fitr. People also tend to donate quite generously during Ramadan. It is the month of blessings, forgiveness and prosperity after all. Ramadan is the month during which people avoid the everyday temptations and fast from sunrise to sunset in order to strengthen their self-control and devote the majority of their time to praying.