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RRU hosts PNWER-BIC May 1-3


The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region Business Idea Competition (PNWER-BIC) is an online competition for innovative business ideas from university  students in the Pacific NorthWest. Now in its second year, this exciting competition will continue to reward business innovations that hold promise for the region that we collectively call home (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Yukon) by inviting winning teams to an Entrepreneurial Boot Camp in Victoria in May, 2013. Traditionally, business ideas are described in one of two ways. Either they are written down as an Executive Summary or they are verbally delivered in what is known anecdotally as an Elevator Pitch. The PNWER Business Ideas Competition was built around the earliest stage of the business planning continuum; the idea. To participate in the competition, educational institutions of the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region are invited to hold an internal competition identifying the best video elevator pitches from a team of students, which they submit to Royal Roads for adjudication. A panel ofinternational business people selects the four best business ideas from all of the videos submitted.

Winning teams of students and their advisors are invited to attend an Entrepreneurial Boot Camp at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC on May 1 to 3, 2013 and are given free admission to the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (CCSBE 2013) that will run concurrently with the boot camp.

Hosted by Royal Roads, Eric C. Douglass Centre, the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp is a two-day event where students receive elite coaching and mentoring from high-flyers in the business scene. Experts will provide advice in areas such as: finance/accounting; negotiation skills, intellectual property and legal issues; marketing and venture capital.

To apply to the program or to learn more visit the PNWER-BIC website.