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RRU Continuing Studies featured in Times Colonist

Last weekend, the Times Colonist did a feature on continuing education in Victoria. Royal Roads featured very prominently, thanks to our enthusiastic and articulate director of Continuing Studies Hilary Leighton.

From the story:

Greater Victorians yearn to learn. How much? Up to 28,000 adults will enrol in a mind-bending profusion of courses offered by local post-secondary institutions this year, instead of staying home with Honey Boo Boo. So whether it’s Intermediate Finnish, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or the Neuroscience of Leadership, they’re all up for your consideration, thanks to hundreds of classes in continuing education open to anyone with a few spare hours. Continuing studies at Royal Roads takes in “all the ages and stages” of learning, says director Hilary Leighton, who expects 3,500 to 4,000 people to enrol overall. Given global problems and pressures, courses aim to help create “the conditions for the largest conversations we can have with the world and with ourselves,” says the eco-psychologist and educator. “This is university-level learning, so while we’re totally casual in approach, we’re totally serious in our nature,” she said.

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