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RRU Campus Safety Audit Training

The Royal Roads University Student Association is seeking participation in next week's campus safety walkabout audit as part of the Safe Campus Project. METRAC is offering two free training sessions aimed at teaching attendees how to lead walkabout safety tours. See more information below from METRAC. 

The two training sessions will be held:

Tuesday, June 25th from 5PM-7PM

Wednesday, June 26th from 1PM-3PM

The walkabout audit will be held: 

Wednesday, June 26th from 7PM-9PM

About the walkabout audit:

"METRAC’s Safety Audit is a tool that is used by groups of people to assess the safety of their community. It is done from the perspective of those who live, work, and play there. The Audit uses a model that believes that people who live, work, study in or use an area are the “safety experts” in that area". (METRAC, 2012)

At the Campus Safety Audit Training is an interaction session, where you will learn how to conduct and lead a METRAC Safety Audit.

During the Campus Safety Audit Walkabout, you will be assessing the level of pshyical safety (i.e. lighting, signage, maintenance, etc) aroud the area and we as how safe a space makes an indvidual feels. This will take about 2 hours and a survey will be completed at the end of the walkabout.

If you are interested in attending any of these activities please RSVP by sending participant names and times you would be interested in participating to

Thank you,


Dory Thuot, MA

Safe Campus Project Coordinator

Royal Roads University (RRUSA)