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RRU and VIHA sign memorandum of understanding agreement

Royal Roads University and Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) have signed a formal partnership toward improving, expanding and diversifying health leadership research and educational programming initiatives. Both organizations believe in supporting the strategic direction, quality and success of each other in their respective roles; meeting the need for quality health leadership research and educational programming; working collaboratively for mutual benefit. To achieve this, the partnership will focus on two main things:

1. Health Leadership Research, to include:

  • creation of a joint applied research agenda pertaining to health leadership;
  • sharing of expertise;
  • pursuit of funds to support a joint applied research agenda;
  • support for further collaborations with other relevant parties to design and conduct applied research where additional content expertise will be beneficial;
  • sharing of research findings and information that is of interest toward improving health leadership.

2. Health Leadership Educational Programming, to include:

  • engaging and sharing RRU and VIHA expertise in the development, design and delivery of high quality health leadership educational programs;
  • exploring means by which RRU and VIHA resources might complement each other in the pursuit of joint health leadership educational programs;
  • recognizing both Parties’ standard approval policies and procedures.

To mark this important occasion, representatives from both VIHA and RRU attended a signing ceremony on August 30th in Hatley Castle. Attending from VIHA were:Mr. Howard Waldner, President and CEO (pictured above)Dr. Lynn Stevenson, Executive Vice President, People, Organizational Development, Practice, and Chief NurseDr. Martin Wale, Executive Medical Officer, Quality and Safety Attending from Royal Roads University were:Dr. Allan Cahoon (pictured above), Dr. Steven Grundy, Dr. Mary Bernard, Dr. Matt Heinz, Dr. Pedro Marquez, Dr. Ron Lindstrom, Dr. Wendy Rowe, Ms. Zoe MacLeod, Ms. Colleen Hoppins, Ms. Diane Van der Gucht Both Dr. Cahoon and Mr. Waldner spoke to the importance and timeliness of this partnership to address quality health leadership and educational programming to better respond to the emerging challenges and opportunities in the health system.