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Royal Roads University Campus Smoking Policy

Please be reminded there is no smoking within 10 metres of building doors, windows or ventilation system intakes.    Royal Roads University Campus Smoking PolicyIn addition to WCB and municipal regulations that prohibit smoking inside University facilities, to prevent environmental tobacco smoke (second-hand smoke) from entering campus facilities, smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of building doors, windows or ventilations system intakes and within University-owned vehicles.  In certain circumstances, building-specific requirements over and above the normal 10-metre perimeter may be required. The policy applies to all employees, contracted service providers, learners and other campus visitors. Supporting Measures and Procedures:

The University will provide regular notices to all members of the University community to remind them of the smoking policy requirements.  A well-informed and respectful community will hopefully mitigate enforcement issues.When an employee witnesses an incident of non-compliance or is having their work environment impacted by second-hand smoke, the following steps are recommended: 1)    The employee is encouraged to politely inform the smoker about the University policy2)    If the employee is not comfortable approaching the smoker, or receives a negative response from the smoker, the employee should report the incident immediately to his/her manager or supervisor. The manager/supervisor shall inform the individual of the University smoking policy and ask him/her comply with it.  Should the individual refuse to comply, the manager/supervisor is to ask the individual to identify him/herself and inform the individual’s supervisor (if the smoker is an employee) who shall handle further disciplinary measures in consultation with Human Resources. In the case where the individual is a learner, the manager/supervisor should inform the Director of Student Services such that the issue can be dealt with via the Learner Code of Conduct.  If the individual refuses to identify him/herself and continues to defy the policy, the manager/supervisor is to contact Security who will take appropriate action, which may include escorting the individual from the campus.

To reference this policy, please go to the Occupational Health and Safety webpage here.

Submitted by the Occupational Health and Safety Committee