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Roads to Research: Phillip Vannini, Dec. 19

What do skinny-dippers, sleepy moose, ocean-driving, 6000 acre properties, warm winds, curry pumpkin soup, freshly-caught-trout, smelly outhouses, bad coffee, and homes made of all-season tires have in common? They are but some of the things encountered on any given day of work by Phillip Vannini and Jonathan Taggart. Charged with the task of travelling the planet's second largest country in search of people on a quest for a better way of life, Vannini and Taggart have travelled by row-boat, jet, kayak, seaplane, ferry, snowshoe, dog-sled, bush plane, mountain bike, ATV, and more Hertz rental cars than Hertz thought they had in order to find safe havens of peace, quiet, and sustainable living. 10 provinces/territories and 150 intimate conversations with off-grid home dwellers later, Vannini shares a few never-seen-before photos and some captivating behind-the-scene stories of these unusual journeys through the back-roads of Canada.

Please join Phillip Vannini (School of Communication and Culture) for his Roads to Research presentation entitled:

Back-road stories from unusual trips across an unplugged nation

Noon-1pm, Wednesday, Dec. 19 2012Learning and Innovation Centre, 407 (Centre for Dialogue)

Coffee provided. Please bring your lunch.