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Rider Pride in Calgary: Ethnography of an outnumbered football fan community

What’s it like to be a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan living in the home of the Calgary Stampeders?

In the midst of the Canadian Football League’s off-season, three MAIIC students, Andrea Morrow, Jamie Ekelund and Jillian Hanson, set out on an ethnographic exploration of how the “Riders” fan base creates a sense of community, identity and culture within the city of Calgary. As part of the Public Culture course (IICS 605), they used an ethnographic approach, conducting face-to-face interviews, observations and interactions with the public to create a documentary and an online fan community.

Using social media and pitching their story to traditional media, the team was able to get widespread media attention for their ethnography project as well as hosting a “Rider Pride” party in the off-season with over 100 Calgary-based Riders fans attending.

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