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RESULTS - Undergraduate Election to RRU's Academic Council

On behalf of the Chief Electoral Officer (the Registrar), I am pleased to announce that Erika Dowell has been elected by acclamation. Erika will be your undergraduate student representative serving a one year term (October 31, 2012 through to November 1, 2013) on Academic Council.

Congratulations Erika!

Erika's Biography:  Hello, I’m Erika.  I am running to be a student representative on Academic Council at Royal Roads University (RRU).  I’d like to give you a history of my work experience as well as school experience!  I hope I can join the council this year! Thank you for your consideration!

 Before Royal Roads University, I attended Olds College for the Business Administration Diploma Program.  This program is a two year program with courses such as Organizational Behavior, Finance and Management Accounting.  Olds College offered a unique approach to learning that built upon my skills I had developed while homeschooling.

 Prior to entering the BComm program, I held a position as Assistant to the CEO at Skywings Aviation Academy Ltd.  Tasks included daily e-mails to international students, liaising with Air Cadet Officers, Chinese Students and Flight Instructors while creating and maintaining two data management systems.  I ensured a welcoming atmosphere and coordination of schedules for contracts with the Air Cadet Program, Flying Dragons and Red Deer College’s Aviation Diploma Students.

 While at Olds College, I worked at Olds RV as a receptionist and website/social media specialist.  This positioned encouraged use of the material I was using while working on my Business Administration Diploma grew my experience level exponentially.  Throughout school, I held positions at Uptowne Olds, Olds College and the Air Cadet program.  With Uptowne Olds, I was their Social Media Coordinator and taught their Marketing Coordinator about Social Media.  At Olds College, student recruitment used me to help promote the college with a “real-live-student” as well as update the Community Learning Campus’ (attached to Olds College) website.

 Being on Academic Council would be a great experience for me.  I have always cherished learning and being able to have a voice in academics would be great.  However, it isn’t just about having a voice on the council.  It is also about a learning experience and I know that I will learn new things when I’m on Academic Council.  Since I am one of the youngest students on campus, I believe that I am forward thinking and my focus on academics will help the council at whole.  This would inevitably flow into the university and help the RRU Community entirely. 

Since I was homeschooled throughout my secondary schooling, I strongly feel that my academic life is structured very uniquely.  This certainly aligns with RRU Learning Structure and therefore being on Academic Council would be very positive.  With a mixture of unique secondary learning, working experience and post-secondary, I know I can represent the student body positively on the Academic Council.