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Prof. Bill Durodie comments on terrorism plot in Toronto Star

Prof. Bill Durodie has commented in several media outlets in the wake of the alleged Canada Day bombing plot. This week, he spoke with the Toronto Star.

An excerpt from the story:

The details revealed in the alleged B.C. terror plot suggest Nuttall and Korody could have been a pair of amateurs — marginal, troubled individuals acting alone. Friends and neighbours have expressed disbelief that the couple, who have struggled with money and have a history of drug problems, would hatch a terrorist plot.

Bill Durodié, a terrorism researcher and professor at Royal Roads University’s School of Peace and Conflict Management, said it’s possible to be drawn to the idea of terrorism itself, and to have no significant higher purpose. There are many past cases of fringe individuals who could be classified as “wannabe terrorists.”

“They are unaffiliated in any way, and largely fantasizing about being terrorists, possibly due to the fact that they know that in contemporary culture we provide them with 24 hour media coverage and notoriety,” he said.

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