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President Emeritus Gerald Kelly pens letter to Times Colonist

Gerald Kelly wrote a letter to the editor of the Times Colonist in response to an article about online learning, which was published widely by Postmedia.

The original piece, by York University Prof. Thomas Klassen, says the web threatens the very existence of universities. He also writes, “There is a place for online courses at universities, but it is not for undergraduate students. Courses for professional credit, such as executive education, can work very well online. The students have motivation as well as maturity.”

Read the op-ed here.

Gerald responds, “ Klassen argues that web-based learning is less personal than classroom learning. Ask a student sitting in a lecture hall with hundreds of others what they think about that?Royal Roads invented a unique blended model of short campus-based classes augmented by web-based courses. This allows people to continue working while studying at home to gain degrees enhancing their job opportunities.” Read Gerald’s letter here.