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President Allan Cahoon pens op-ed in Times Colonist


A healthy job market needs healthy colleges and universities. But after unprecedented resource trauma across the country, many post-secondary institutions are heading for the fiscal emergency room.

B.C. isn’t alone in its struggle to finance much-needed educational opportunities. Alberta recently made a 6.8 per cent cut in post-secondary funding when the sector had anticipated a two per cent increase. Quebec cut $124 million in educational funding out of its most recent budget.

In B.C., operating support for universities and colleges has been frozen for three years and targeted for an additional $50-million cut over the next three years.

B.C. universities and colleges are under threat at a time when they offer an obvious solution to the challenges our province faces. Investments in post-secondary education are what the citizens of B.C. need for future prosperity. Instead, budget deficits, staff cuts, program elimination, tuition pressures accompanied by a rising tide of anger and resentment are attracting public attention.

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