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Please use smoking shelters if smoking on campus

We would just like to take a brief opportunity to remind everyone of the RRU Campus Smoking Policy. This policy states that: In addition to WCB and municipal regulations that prohibit smoking inside university facilities, to prevent environmental tobacco smoke (second-hand smoke) from entering campus facilities, smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of building doors, windows or ventilation system intakes and within University-owned vehicles. 

The 10-metre perimeter is especially important at this time of year when many doors and windows are opened in order to allow for fresh air in our indoor spaces (classrooms, offices and residence rooms).  In certain circumstances, building-specific requirements over and above the normal 10-metre perimeter may be required, and therefore the use of designated smoking shelters is encouraged.  These shelters can be found across from the Grant Building and behind the Nixon Building.

The policy applies to all employees, contracted service providers, students and other campus visitors.

Thank you for keeping our air healthy for everyone!