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Phillip Vannini writes about off-gridders in Bamfield, B.C. in The Tyee

From insulating walls with denim to surviving a heart attack in a remote, off-the-grid homestead, School of Communication and Culture Prof. Phillip Vannini is meeting some inspiring people as he travels across the country for his latest research project. Vannini is visiting people living off the grid across Canada. For each stop, he is writing one academic and one popular piece. His most recent piece centres on a 71-year-old couple from Bamfield, B.C., and was published in The Tyee. An excerpt from the piece: “Canadian off-gridders come in many varieties. There are those who pinch no pennies to recreate the comforts and conveniences of a typical suburban home. There are the minimalists, who shop for their every necessity off the Lehman's non-electric catalogue. And then there are a few hardcore types who simply make do with salvaged goods from second-hand stores and a wealth of creativity. Jan and Nelson are members of the latter group. While temporarily rooted in a home erected around their repurposed camper, they're not compromising on their dream sustainable home, which continues to grow into its final shape day by day, nut by bolt, by way of sheer muscular force and ecological imagination. But none of this is what makes them one of a kind.” Find out what makes them unique and read the full story here.