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Phillip Vannini talks to the Times Higher Education about his efforts to popularize research

An academic has called on fellow scholars who feel "alienated from the drudgery of academic writing and inauthentic about producing more of the same drivel" to embrace every possible means of popularising their research.   Phillip Vannini, professor and Canada research chair in the School of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University, makes the case in his recently published edited collection, Popularizing Research: Engaging New Genres, Media, and Audiences.   The book brings together contributors from more than two dozen countries in disciplines ranging from education and communications to sociology and anthropology.   All have found ways to make their work more relevant and accessible through cartoons, performance, exhibitions and films. Others have embraced the myriad possibilities opened up by the internet. Popularizing Research has itself been released with a website designed to complement its arguments with "a web-based directory of popularized research".

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