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Phillip Vannini and Jonathan Taggart post first piece for HuffPo

School of Communication and Culture Prof. Phillip Vannini and research assistant and MAIIC student Jonathan Taggart have written their first piece about their off-grid research for the Huffington Post.

An excerpt from the piece:

Rotating blackouts are a great thing. No, not for everyone, of course. While some of us can draw mild relief from a mandated break from our PlayStation, the truly happy Canadians during a blackout are off-gridders. It is on those discomforting (for the rest of us) blackout days that the power emitted by their Schadenfreude-filled laughter is strong enough to power up - if their rubbing it in could be harnessed - a whole city block.

Living off the grid means many things these days. Some say they're "off the grid" if they go camping and leave their mobile phone at home for a weekend. Others think being off the grid is living like hermits and runaways, stuck somewhere in between a bush and a hard place. Like the Canadian government we think that off-grid means being disconnected from electricity. Electricity, after all, is the mother of all grids.

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They have also released a new video. You can watch it here.