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"Our RRU" Photovoice Exhibit

Each day we come to work or to study at this place called Royal Roads University. We are part of a community, but who are “We”? Join us for a Photovoice exhibit July 11 to find out with RRU represents to your colleagues.

Each of us is a repository of experiences and knowledge, but in the day to day experience of our work, and scattered as we are across the campus and beyond, we share and see only a fraction of the diversity of who we really are. What does RRU mean to us? The answer starts with the heart of any community – the people.

The Photovoice project began in September 2011 and has involved staff, faculty and students taking photos that depict “Our RRU.” The lead investigator is Dr. Robin Cox, Program Head and Associate Professor in the Disaster and Emergency Management graduate programs. Funded by an internal research RRU faculty grant, this project explores the question of how we as community members of Royal Roads University understand our community.

On Wednesday, July 11, there will be an exhibit of these photographs taken by the RRU community that tell the stories in a collective narrative of “OUR RRU” in all its diversity, in fellowship, from the ground up.

Please drop by the Castle Drawing Room between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to view the photos and read the stories of what OUR RRU means to us. We welcome your comments on the photos or for you to share your own stories! Coffee, tea and goodies will be provided.

Date: July 11, 2012 Place: Castle Drawing Room Time: 11-3 (drop in)