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New guidelines and procedures for planning student events on campus

As the on-campus student population continues to grow at RRU, we are experiencing an increase in student events on campus.  In response to this increase of activity, Student Services and Campus Services, in consultation with representatives from the academic faculties and programming units, have recently identified new guidelines and procedures for RRU staff and students who are planning on-campus events. 

These guidelines and associated procedures were developed to encourage safety, mitigate risk, and create consistency for those involved in managing events on campus.  The On-campus Event Guidelines and On-campus Event Application (for student use) are available on MyRRU and on the public O drive of Student Services. A copy of the On-campus Event Guidelines will also be circulated to all EMS users in mid-January.   

Here are the highlights, or new items to note:

  • An RRU staff representative must be present for the entire duration of any student event on-campus
  • If the event is student-initiated, an event application must be completed by the co-ordinating student(s) and submitted to Student Services at the early planning stage

If the event involves the sale or consumption of alcohol, then: 

  • A site organizer must also be in attendance (in addition to the RRU Staff Representative)
  • Bar service may be open until 10 p.m., with last call being at 9:30 p.m.
  • Attendees must have proper government issued identification
  • Attendees will be limited to students, faculty, staff, and guests on a pre-identified guest list
  • The RRU staff representative must have the guest list at the event