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Need support with your thesis? Continuing Studies can help.

It's 2 a.m. and you've just downed your fifth cup of coffee. You're at that place in your thesis where what you're trying to say and what's showing up on your computer screen just aren't quite in sync. What do you do?

Call Continuing Studies! Well, maybe not at 2 a.m., but have we got a coach for you!

After an assessment, you'll be paired with a writing coach whose strengths match your goals and writing needs. You'll be supported in all stages of writing and in particular, when beginning or trying to finish your thesis. The coach doesn’t write it for you, rather, the most powerful solutions emerge from you. Meet by Skype, telephone, use Google documents or other freely available tools or where possible, meet face to face. Coaches don't take the place of your supervisor but instead support the work you are invested in for a thesis you can be proud of.

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10 hour, 20 hour or 30 hour blocks of time. You decide. For more information contact Continuing Studies at x2513 or

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