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Michael Real guest lecture on "Gandhi, King, and the I Have a Dream Speech."

SCC faculty Michael Real visits University of Mumbai to give a small lecture to the Indo-Canadian studies program on "Gandhi, King, and the I Have a Dream Speech." 

After co-ordinating the overseas Residency with MAIIC students in Ahmedabad and Goa, Michael travelled to Mumbai as invited guest of Professor Nilufer E. Bharucha. Michael was present at the world-famous speech by Dr. King in August of 1963 and will recount what it was like to experience it live, what it meant in context at the time, and what it means now as a part of North American history that includes an African-American U.S. president. 

The opportunity to visit the university is largely thanks to the contacts created by Ruby Rana (MAIIC 2012 alumni) and her part as a doctoral fellow at University of Mumbai and Oxford.