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Matt Heinz speaks to Saanich News about his Vancouver Island Transgender Needs Assessment

Dean of the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences Matt Heinz was recently interviewed by the Saanich News about the needs and challenges of transgender people.

In the story, Heinz speaks about his Vancouver Island Transgender Needs Assessment, a study that sought to identify the demographics and health, cultural, legal, housing, and social needs of transpeople on Vancouver Island.

An excerpt from the story:

Health care, social support, social acceptance and public education, mental health care and access and legal assistance were the highest priority issues identified by the study, posted on the website

“The website is a Band-Aid,” Heinz said. “We maintain it as a volunteer effort, but ideally, we would have funding and ideally through a governmental authority or body, so we could have counselling support available to the community – perhaps a hotline.”

Information regarding transitioning exists online, but the details at a local level, such as how to obtain a general practitioner with knowledge of trans issues, or a psychologist able to administer a hormone readiness assessment, are sorely lacking.

“To find people to talk about that process, the resources are limited,” he said. “You have to start the journey somewhere and it would be a lot easier if there was a central point.”

Read  the whole story here.