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MAIIC student explores her Dutch roots through ethnography of food

Annette Wierstra's Created Heritage website started with a question: "What makes me a Dutch-Canadian when I have never lived in Holland?"

Like many people, she grew up with stories from two cultures: the culture of her birth and the culture of her parents. Through her research project, she explored how first-generation Canadians with parents born in the Netherlands find a connection, through food, to their heritage. Annette says, "when I began this project, I thought I had my cultural identity sorted: I am a Canadian with roots in Holland. Now I believe that those Dutch roots have played a more prominent role in my identity than I realized. My Canada is a lived experience; the memories of my parents and the community create my Holland." Read the full story on the Public Ethnography as Innovative Learning website, and follow on Twitter to see new projects as they’re posted: @EMACnetwork