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MAIIC student Andrew Osbourne marks "Year of Korea in Canada" with ethnographic research project

2013 is the Year of Korea in Canada. Having recently returned to Saskatchewan from Korea, Andrew Osborne, Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication student, wanted to mark this special year. So, using ethnographic research methods, he collected the stories of five Korean immigrants to Saskatchewan as part of the Public Culture course (IICS 605).  The storybook he created represents the beginning of a space in which newcomers to the province can relay their experiences transitioning from one culture to another in the hopes of building an ever more interculturally cohesive community through the power of storytelling. Andrew was interviewed about his project on Regina Community Radio on March 20th, and Premier Wall has recognized his efforts to honour the Year of Korea in Canada. Read about his work at the Public Ethnography as Innovative Learning site, and follow on Twitter to see new projects as they’re posted: @EMACnetwork